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It's getting so that almost everyone has one or more computers, tablets, or smartphones. But that does not mean that everyone has time to become proficient at using, maintaining, or fixing those devices.

One of the biggest problems your computer may face is that it's trying to run too much software with too little hardware. Between uninvited programs leeching resources and manufacturers selling underpowered computers, there are a lot of machines in service that appear to be almost unusable, when a little tweaking could make practically new computers out of them.

This is where I come in and try to help. When your computer goes down, and you're facing $150/hour charges (or worse) to get it up and running again, it may seem that the technology literally is not worth it. My main goal is to help you regain your machine's resources, for the least cost. But in addition to that, I can help with a wide variety of hardware, software, networking and operating system issues. I'm not going to be pushing a new computer on you, but I'll certainly help you decide if that is the next best step for you.

Check out the links on the left side of this page to see if there is anything I can do for you. Here's a quick run-down of what you can find on my site:

Services - Various items with which I can help you, and the corresponding prices.
Tips - Things you may be able to do yourself to optimize your computer. Be aware that most of these things should only be done by more advanced computer users.
Downloads - Utilities that I've found to be useful in maintaining computers and other programs that are handy to have.

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