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The most common problems I see involve a computer getting bogged down by applications running in the background. Sometimes the problems stem from all of the programs that are legitimately installed on the computer which are all trying to grab the same resources. Other times, the issue involves "spyware" or "malware". These are programs that install themselves while you are browsing the internet or installing other software, and track your activity on the computer.

So, there are two things to concentrate on in order to free up computer resources. First, we need to keep the programs from starting up. To do this, there are free utilities to do the job for us, and there are manual ways of cleaning up the problematic programs that the utilities may miss. Secondly, we may need to remove any temporary files that may be bringing the programs back. Below are things to check on in order liberate your computer. Click on the entries below to bring up a window describing the item.

WARNING: Before proceeding with any of these steps, make sure you have complete backups of your important data. To users unfamiliar with the procedures below, there is a chance that Windows could become INOPERABLE, if the wrong items are manipulated. Feel free to browse through these areas, but only make changes if you are reasonably sure what the change will do. When in doubt, ask questions first, and make changes later!

Stopping Programs From Starting
Removing Temporary Files
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