General Labor Charges...
  • $70/hour
  • $15 fee for onsite visit
Services Offered...
  • Computer Performance Enhancements
    Feel like every program you've installed on your computer is trying to start up at once? Many probably are! I can help you keep the software you want, and allow it only to start up when you want it to start up.

  • Virus/Spyware Removal
    I remove viruses and spyware, and leave FREE tools with you to help prevent infections in the future.

  • Data Transfer/Backup Services
    Just bought a new computer, and trying to figure out how to move your data over to the new machine? I've got you covered! While sorting through the data, I can make backups of your important data to CD or DVD so that you'll have your important information, even if your computer crashes.

  • Windows Upgrades/Reinstalls
    Need to start over from scratch with Windows, or move to a newer version? I will help back your data up and get the new installation done for you.

  • Hardware Installation/Replacement
    If it plugs into a computer, I will hook it up. I can also help find out if something's gone wrong with your existing hardware and replace it.

  • Home/Small Office Networking
    You've got a broadband connection, let's get all of your computers connected to it... including your tablets, phones, and laptop you bring home from work. I can help you pick out the hardware you'll need, and even run networking cable if you need it.

  • Software Installation & Tutorials
    Having trouble getting your new game or application installed? I can assist not only with the installation, but help you learn how to use it.

  • Just about anything involving home or small business computer setup and operation!

Contact FatRichie...
Rich Frank
5621 35th St S, Frontier, ND 58104
Phone: 701-799-3349