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Virus and Spyware Utilities
Microsoft Security Essentials (Virus Protection Tool)
This is a free (for home users) anti-virus program that doesn't slow your computer down like so many of the bigger anti-virus product suites (especially like Norton and McAfee).

AVG Anti-Virus (Virus Protection Tool)
This is another free anti-virus program that works very well on Windows 7, and even on Android mobile devices.

Avast Anti-Virus (Virus Protection Tool)
This is a favorite of mine on Windows 8 machines.

Malwarebytes Antimalware (Spyware Removal Tool)
My favorite spyware removal tool. This catches more nasty programs than just about any other tool with which I've worked.

Ad-Aware (Spyware Removal Tool)
Another great spyware removal utility. I've found that it removes the vast majority of those nasty little applications.

Spybot (Spyware Removal Tool)
One more excellent spyware remover...and this one even works for Windows 98. It will usually find a couple of items that Ad-Aware may have missed. You can even "immunize" your computer to lock it down against spyware threats.

Free Programs You Should Also Have
Classic Shell (Start Button Utility)
Since Microsoft decided to remove the Start button on Windows 8; and then bring it back, but give it backward functionality in Windows 8.1, many users are still a bit lost in the new operating system. Classic Shell changes that! It brings back your Start button and allows you to even choose if you'd like it to operate like Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. This tool easily cures 90% of the headaches that the Windows 8 interface created.

LibreOffice (Office Software Suite)
Full featured, free alternative to Microsoft Office. This can do the work of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more, but is completely free. Unless you work in an environment where Microsoft Office is absolutely required, there is little reason you can't use this in it's place.

Foxit Reader (PDF Reader)
Allows you to read PDF files just like Adobe Acrobat Reader can do, except that it opens up the files in half the time. Plus, it allows you to SAVE files as PDF's. As long as the document does not have to be altered, emailing PDF files is a great way to email documents because it saves them as a small file. It also avoids the hassle of making your recipient already have the right version of Word or Excel already installed on their machine.

Adobe Flash (Web Content Viewer)
If you are having trouble viewing a webpage ...especially animated content... it's probably because you need to update Adobe Flash. Just remember, you don't need to install whatever free toobar or browser they try to bundle with it.

VLC (Video and Music Player)
If you are having trouble with Windows Media Player or iTunes playing a video or music file, install this. I have never come across a multimedia file VLC could not play, unless the file was corrupted.

Other Helpful Websites (Startup Application Identifier)
So, you've found programs in your registry and you're wondering if you can safely remove them or not. This place has the answers! Very easy site to navigate!

Pacman's Portal (Startup Application Identifier)
Another site identifying startup programs. This is the most complete list of programs I've seen.

Team Viewer (Remote Screen Sharing)
If you have ever had to call technical support, and they needed to see your desktop, they probably used a tool like this. You can feel free to use it too, with anyone you want! Just have both users go to this website, one will share and one will join.

FatRichie Stuff
Tired of that default Windows rolling meadow scene for a background? Try a FatRichie background on for size!

(Right-click and choose "Save Target As" on the appropriate screen resolution below the picture of the background you want.)

1280 x 960
1920 x 1200

1280 x 960
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1280 x 960
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1280 x 960
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